Tuesday, November 25

Daily Prophet says Confundus Charm hits Rochester

Just when you thought that IBM's tool bundles for System i couldn't get any more arcane - prepare to be amazed and confounded in equal measure.

It wasn't Rita Skeeter who drew this news to my attention but the even more incisive and pithy writings of TPM at IT Jungle: As Rumored, IBM Tweaks i Development Tool Bundle.

I have followed IBM's tools strategy, bundling, licensing and pricing decisions for some years now and have looked dozens of customers in the eye as they try to decipher it all. My only conclusion is that had we all taken Defense Against the Dark Arts training at school then we might have a slim chance of survival!

TPM puts it even more eloquently when he says: "It is hard to imagine IBM making this more complicated. But, then again, IBM seems to have an infinite imagination for this sort of complexity. So don't make the mistake of underestimating the folks in Software Group."

His advice to IBM? "Charge a low, fair price for the compiler and development tool components. Let people buy what they want. Take the money. Make the customer happy. This isn't hard. Explaining this to 200,000 customers every couple of months is, and it is expensive, too."

My advice to customers? IBM isn't the only vendor selling Application Development tools for the AS/400, iSeries and System i servers. Talk to some other IBM shops who gave their trust to a third-party vendor some years ago and hear how they compare and contrast the two offerings today. You really can set yourself free from all this confusion faster than you can say Diffindo.

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Anonymous said...

nicely done, old chap! Are you a grey beard or a pony tail? Perhaps you can get one of those caps with a pony tail hanging out the back? Seriously, no.. seriously, thanks for the effort to educate us muggles on the magic of middleware. - Ed B.