Wednesday, November 5

Developers want Ballmer to show money

Who'd a'thunk it? Are Microsoft developers starting to revolt?

Questions from the Australian developer community have ranged from what Microsoft's mobile phone strategy will be to the impact of fragmenting programming languages on developers' bottom line.

Jose Fajardo, a Silverlight and Adobe Flex/AIR developer at the Sydney-office of US-firm Cynergy asked whether Microsoft would offer financial incentives similar to those on offer to iPhone, Facebook and Android application developers.

"I have spent two years picking up Silverlight. It's been a long two years, but at end of that what do I have to show for it?" he told in an interview.

"If I had spent last two years learning Cocoa for the iPhone or Android, learning Google's language or building apps for Facebook, I could be pushing an app that could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars if I had done it right," he said.

Developer 'Dale' said that writing C# (C-sharp) had become too complex as programmers increasingly integrated applications with JavaScript, Python or Ruby languages.

A poster named Richard Banks expressed concern about the proliferation of Microsoft products. "For Visual Studio alone there is Visual Studio Express/Standard/Pro/Team Editions...The rate of change ... is wearing the 9-5 developer out and driving adoption of simpler technologies with smaller learning curves such as Ruby on Rails," he said.

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