Tuesday, November 11

Industry events: It's like waiting for a bus ..

... nothing for a while and then along come three System i oriented events in the same week! To kick-off Halloween week we had the Scoring with Power event in Manchester, England on 28th Oct. This was the first independent event in the UK for a decade and was put together by our friends at iNEWSWire UK, NiSUG and Penton Media. The event was only announced the month before but still over 100 fellow AS/400 professionals, 14 exhibitors and 12 speakers gathered at the Old Trafford stadium. Given that Manchester United is such a poorly supported team [sic] it could only have been the allure of the remarkable System i platform that motivated so many people to turn-up on the day. NOTE: Had the event been held at Stamford Bridge, home of my beloved Chelsea FC, then surely more than 500 people would have come to worship at the alter of this season's certain-to-be Premiership champions - but don't get me started!

I attended the event with my LANSA hat on and enjoyed the opportunity to present a short session in the main tent on the topic of "The Eight Pillars of an Enterprise Application Architecture". I was inspired to choose this topic after reading the draft of a new white paper from industry guru Paul Conte. We were fortunate to have Paul as the keynote speaker at our seminars in London and Birmingham later that week (refer to other post) and, having seen what he was going to say, I wanted to give the folks in Manchester a taste of what they were going to miss! Paul has now published this new white paper and interested readers can request a copy by clicking here. Below is a copy of my slide deck from Manchester.
The star of the show was undoubtedly Mike Otey, System iNEWS magazine senior technical editor who flew in from Oregon to present the event's keynote speech, "No i is an island", examining the ways the walls around the i can be torn down with integration. Mike presented two further sessions during the day on DB2 integration with SQL Server and working with .NET. There must be something special in the Oregon air because Mike Otey and Paul Conte are both residents of the Beaver State and they must be two of the most knowledgeable, articulate and yet unpretentious experts I have ever met. They are definitely more dam-busting than dam-building and always unlock some mystery for me, thanks guys.

My buddy Glenn Robinson from QCubed gave a great presentation on how to put the i in command position with AIX, Linux and Windows consolidation. This was a presentation that he repeated, and was well appreciated, at our seminars later that week. Glenn contributes to iNEWSWire UK with his regular Tech Tips column and once you've heard his level of enthusiasm for, and intimate knowledge of, the IBM platform you realise that there's nobody better in the UK for this kind of advice.

This vibrant and educational event demonstrated to everyone there that IBM midrange systems can and certainly will adapt, thrive and survive. I urge you to attend next year if a similar event is held - if not, feel free to come along to one of our free seminars instead ;-)

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