Thursday, November 13

My First Podcast

Ever wondered what happens when you search the iTunes store for something esoteric like IBM midrange? Well now I can reveal that you get to listen to me and a bunch of my cronies sounding-off on a medley of topics that will be of real interest to IBM i shops.

In fact, in all honesty, it's not really my first podcast - I just do the intro and Paul Conte does all the hard work. But it's a start for me and an exciting new endeavor for my employer. I hope that the 'Midrange Medley' channel will work hand-in-glove with the 'Midrange Meddle' to constantly inform, educate and entertain our public. Our first podcast is a recording of Paul Conte presenting his IBM i Modernization Survival Guide to a live audience.

You can subscribe to the podcast series by clicking the title of this post or by using the podcast links in the right-hand column. Or just search the iTunes Store for Midrange Medley. NOTE: You will need Apple's QuickTime software, or some other equivalent MP4 player, to listen to these files on your PC. If you have an iPod or iPhone device then go via iTunes as normal.

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