Wednesday, November 5

Survey: SOA Adoption Dropping

A Gartner survey indicates that the number of enterprises planning to adopt service-oriented architecture is dropping dramatically.

It seems like us so-called laggards in the mid-market might just have side-stepped another pothole in the road. There is no question that many of the concepts embodied in the SOA design pattern represent sound software engineering principles. But it is possible to acquire an Enterprise Application Architecture that will meet the needs of most mid-sized shops, and is inherently service-oriented, without incurring the cost and complexity of rolling your own. The large enterprises seem to have a taste for the bleeding-edge and invest 1,000's of man hours on indulging their follies. Conventional wisdom suggests that Le Credit Crunch will curb such excesses and I, for one, will welcome the return of an era defined by fiscal prudence and tangible ROI for business / IT projects.

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