Thursday, November 6

When two tribes go to war...

Even organisations that used to run all core applications on their IBM midrange system (AS/400 / iSeries / System i) now have a liberal sprinkling of Microsoft servers around the gaff and information amassing in SQL Server databases as well as the old data warhorse called DB2/400. Getting these two environments to work co-operatively and share data is both a technology challenge AND a people issue.

In my experience the human factor can be the hardest to overcome. If you've ever been in a meeting with the Grey Beards on one side and the Pony Tails on the other you'll know what I mean! And, all joking aside, there are real differences that separate the needs, wants and preferences of these two tribes. Today I found an interesting article written by Chris Smith for MC Press Online entitled: Is Working with the .NET Tribe a Secret to Surviving in Paradise?
I've never seen the TV show Survivor so I can't quite relate to Chris' opening gambit, but certainly the rest of his analysis rings true with me. Now, granted, this piece is written in response to a recent LANSA product announcement so of course I'm interested. But I can't help but feel that the depth of coverage the author has given this issue means that it has struck a chord that will hopefully resonate market-wide. Helping customers to achieve greater interoperability and to extract maximum value from their existing investments certainly sounds like one good way for third-party vendors to Thrive and Survive during a recession.

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