Thursday, December 4

Why must you be passionate about software today?

I wrote my first proper computer program - an educational video game - in 1984 and proudly published it as Shareware on the Micronet800 (Prestel) service using my shiny new Hayes Smartmodem 1200. I've had a love affair with great software ever since.

My career has taken me via electrical engineering, hardware, networking & data comms and IT services but I came back to focus exclusively on software in 1994 and have never looked back. And I have never been more positive about the business and consumer value of great software products. We now all expect hardware to get better, cheaper, faster and smaller and having IT skills is no longer the preserve of the men in white coats. But software ... aaahhh my beloved software ... can still surprise you and change the world.

I was motivated to wax lyrical about software again by reading this post on MIX Online: A Bright Future for Software. I can't make the key points any better than Joshua Allen did so I commend you to read his piece. Whether you are a fan of Microsoft products or not, I find it heartening to discover a bunch of guys inside Fortress Redmond that are passionate about providing a great user experience. Let's hope their enthusiasm spreads around the place because I still struggle with parts of Microsoft Office!

What do the experts (don't laugh) on Wall Street say about the outlook for the Software industry? The only one of that crowd that I know well and trust is John DiFucci at JP Morgan. His team recently published a research note entitled 'Come Again? Yes, Buy Software'. They make a series of strong arguments, supported by hard stats, that suggest why the Enterprise Software segment, in particular, is well positioned to not only weather the storm but to outperform other sectors.

You can tell that I love great software products and it's the industry where I choose to make my crust. If you want to prosper during this recession then I've given you some reasons why you should to.

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