Monday, October 19

Avnet and Infor join LANSA in iManifest EMEA

Today's news is the most significant thus far in the evolution of iManifest EMEA. Although not by design, we now have nice symmetry to the group; Avnet representing the Tier 1 distribution channel, Infor representing the biggest homogenous group of IBM i business applications and LANSA as the largest independent vendor of IBM i development tools and enabling software.

A month ago I opined that no IBM Business Partner wants to find that iManifest is the third rail of IBM politics, in so much as if you touch it then you die! My promise was, day job allowing, to invest the time to recruit a few major names to help reassure some others. I set the end of October as a milestone so, with today's announcement, I have achieved something early [for once].

NOTE: While I have no official word from IBM, I want to go on-record and say that I have personally received enthusiastic and practical support for iManifest EMEA from a number of IBM'ers around the globe. I cannot thank-you by name here, but you know who you are.

The trio of Avnet, Infor and LANSA means that we have sold all of our business-class seats on the inaugural flight of iManifest EMEA - I wonder how many airlines can say that in today's climate? Follow this link for a reminder of the proposed funding model.

We continue to receive in-bound pledges at the economy level based on word-of-mouth. Although the buzz around iManifest is spreading far-and-wide I expect that we will need a pro-active strategy for explicitly recruiting the six premium economy passengers. Hopefully the news of Avnet and Infor coming on-board will tempt some other major players from the shadows and I certainly expect that Avnet's extensive relationships within the IBM Business Partner community will prove fruitful in soliciting further support. I have worked with the Avnet folks in the past and have been impressed with what they can achieve with just one phone call. Likewise, with Infor's support, I hope we will witness more active involvement from the other packaged application providers who have so far been conspicuous by their absence (if you look at the supporter list it is dominated by infrastructure, tools and utility providers - not application vendors).

Finally, as a reminder, if you believe in the goals and spirit of the iManifest initiative then I urge you to wear your digital badge with pride.

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Jeff Olen said...


Outstanding work!! I guess we better pick up the pace here in the U.S.

- Jeff