Wednesday, November 25

A blogging pause ... but an iManifest milestone

Pressure of work has progressively reduced my blogging cadence to one post per month - the minimum, you would think. Well now I've reach a new low and not managed a single intelligent post since mid-October (or ever, depending on your view point). The only defence I can offer is that since being promoted to the COO position at LANSA on Oct 1 my workload has gone off the chart. It's all good stuff but, frankly, I need to find a new way of working because trying to "stay on-top-off everything all of the time" is no longer practical - prioritisation and delegation are the key my boy!

Despite my blogging largesse I have made progress with the evolution of the iManifest EMEA initiative and today, with the 'purchase' of a Premium Economy seat by Meridian IT Ltd (MITL), I am thrilled to announce that we have passed the half-way mark. The funding total for iManifest EMEA now stands at €43,470. Note that the web site ( is updated once or twice per month so the total you see there is only ever a snapshot. Turning €8k of LANSA seed money into €43k of community funding is an achievement of which we can all be proud.

It is hard to predict what the recruitment tempo will be leading up to the holidays but I am confident that, come early 2010, iManifest EMEA will be airborne. Several other major global ISVs are close to saying "yes" and I have found an ever-increasing number of IBM'ers who are helping to spread the word and activate their personal networks. Will the second-half of the fund raising effort be easier or harder than the first? I would like to think that we now have sufficient momentum to carry us across the finish line, but it's not a done deal. You can help and we all share an equal responsibility to recruit new members if we truly believe in the iManifest objectives. If you need help to spread the word and to 'get specific' about the objectives and intended outcomes then please re-use the recruiting tool that has been working for me. There are a few significant iManifest-related developments in the pipeline, which may break cover before Xmas, so stay tuned for the next gripping instalment.

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