Thursday, July 22

Not Goodbye, just Au Revoir!

You may have noticed, in recent months, that my blogging cadence has plummeted further and faster than BP's share price. This largesse was caused by spending whatever spare time I've had on helping to get the new LANSA blog off the ground. This has proven to be an exciting project and we are proud of the result:

iOpener - Pushing the limits of IBM i and Microsoft technology

This is not a corporate blog - you know, brochureware dressed-up in a new suit - but a genuine attempt to bring the kind of insight and commentary that is sadly lacking in our market. You will notice that many of the first article-length posts are written by our subject matter experts (who reside primarily in our consulting teams). No sales or marketing B.S allowed here - just the straight skinny from folks who get paid to give this kind of advice day-in, day-out. We've already received commitments from several world-class guest bloggers who will appear soon and I hope that many of our other experts from around the world will start to contribute their thoughts and knowledge.

I, for one, will no longer make any new posts here (no change there, you might say) but will instead direct my limited blogging efforts exclusively toward iOpener. So, if you've ever had the slightest inkling to read what I have to say then please click across to iOpener and let the fun begin.